Creating more opportunities for young soccer players

Antietam United (AU) was founded in partnership between the
Hagerstown Area Youth Soccer League (HAYSL) and
the Boonsboro Area Youth Soccer Organization (BAYSO)

AU was created with two driving principles. 

1. To provide an opportunity for players to continue to excel and compete at higher levels of play while still benefiting from the six philosophies of AYSO.  It’s those core philosophies that keep the program focused on the children and binds the players, parents and volunteers together.

2. To create a program that is less focused on the “business” of soccer and more focused on creating opportunities for players.  We do this by keeping costs low and holding open, fair tryouts every year. 


As AU grows we continue to build partnerships with "like minded" organizations allowing us to offer more opportunities and create further player development through shared resources and access to newer and greater challenges.