Frequently Asked Questions


is my child guaranteed a spot for a travel team?

Players are not guaranteed a spot on any travel team. We wish to provide an opportunity for all players interested, including those who may have been unaware of such levels previously or those new to the organization. It is also allowing players the opportunity to play with an age appropriate team and on a competitive level that will assist in future player development. However, ALL players are guaranteed a spot to play soccer at the recreation level (local HAYSL or BAYSO).   


Yes.  We believe in creating as many opportunities for players to excel and advance as possible.  By holding fair, open tryouts every year players are provided with the incentive to improve and the motivation to work hard and continue to explore their limits.  

What's the Tryout process like?

Player Assessments will be coordinated with all Antietam United coaches.  All players will be fairly evaluated regardless of affiliation or history.  Teams will be formed as needed.  The requirement of team formation is to have a trained and licensed coach for each team, with players of the same age and skill level.  This team will then be placed at the appropriate competitive level.

Tryouts will consist of different small-sided games to assess a players technical, tactical, and physical abilities, along with their attitude and coachability. 

When will we receive the results?

Results for the Premier level team will be posted on this website by the Tuesday after tryouts.  The posting will simply include the team by age, the player number given at tryouts, and their initials.  Players will have 48 hours to accept or decline directly with the coach.  Payments are due in full, or with your first payment of a three part plan, the Wed/Thurs after the tryout and is non-refundable.  Once a team's roster is full, the next level team will repeat the process based on the player assessments.  If a player is not invited to play on a travel team, that player will be able to participate at the recreation level in order for us to provide a place for all players to continue to play soccer.  

Do we have to play for a the team that sent the invitation?

No.  It is up to the player/parent to accept or decline any invitation.  However, the invitation given will be from the highest level team available for that particular player.  Rejection of an offer may eliminate the ability to play on a travel team.  All players are welcome to continue with recreation. 

How long are teams together?

Teams and coaches will be together for one year and continue to play at the same level.  A year constitutes  the following  Fall and Spring seasons after participating in tryouts and accepting a team invitation.  Tryouts take place every year.   Select and Premier teams will play in leagues appropriate for their skill level.  

How far do teams travel?

There are typically 4 home and 4 away games per season.  Typical travel time, based on on this season, for our Select teams average 30 minutes and our Premier teams average 60 minutes this season.

What do you mean by age-appropriate?

The playing age of a player as recommended by U.S. Soccer.