Not your average soccer club


Antietam United allows our member community organizations to maintain their identities while continuing with their respective recreational programs and pooling resources to create quality competitive teams for Antietam United.

Three Levels of Play

Antietam United will also allow member organizations the opportunity to offer Three Levels of Play.  Member organizations will maintain an "'in-house" recreation program(the core of the organization), while providing the opportunity for players with greater needs to participate in the Antietam United "Travel" program for select and premier level players.  The ability to offer Three Levels of Play is a very rare and valuable asset.  Three Levels of Play will ensure all players, no matter their ability, an opportunity to play at an appropriate level, all while maintaining current standards set-forth by the host organizations.  No player or family will need to look outside of our member organizations or Antietam United!

reduced costs

Antietam United members benefit from drastically reduced costs thanks to pooled resources, licensed/certified volunteer coaches, league fees, kit fees, etc.

guaranteed playing time

Antietam United offers players guaranteed playing time.  We are here to develop players and Antietam United commits to providing opportunities to all players selected.  Youth players deserve that opportunity.  With Three Levels of Play, all players are matched with an appropriate and challenging level to bring out the best in each and every child.  Antietam United will offer one Premier Level team per age group and as needed for the Select Level.  The recreation level will continue to maintain current rules and player standards and guarantees a team for all players.